As Those who follow my blog know The Children’s writer Kevin Brooke and I have a history of working well together and I’m lucky to call him “My friend Kev”. I’m so proud of our latest collaboration. Kevin has written an amazing dystopian fiction for younger readers, a pre-teen and teen aimed narrative. It was an amazing read and I was so privileged to be chosen to illustrate some of the scenes and produce the cover.

It has been a long and hard road for the images to reach a new standard that fits how wonderful the story world of THE OBJECTORS is. Kevin too has made draft after draft to perfect this heartfelt narrative and amazing adventure.

Please enjoy the promo film below and some of my illustrations from the project. We look forward to you joining us for the launch 4pm via Zoom on the 18th July 2021. contact Kevin via Facebook or his website for a ticket. [] Illustrations by Seraphim Bryant (just some of what’s in the book)