Story Time

Would you like to hear a story? – Three short stories are available for you to listen to through the website for entertainment, and to give a taste of what Seraphim’s storytelling is like.

Would you like more? Please visit our “For Sale” page or “The Story Knights” We are available for children and adult events, and Creative Workshops.

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Narrative imagining — story — is the fundamental instrument of thought.  Rational capacities depend upon it.  It is our chief means of looking into the future, or predicting, of planning, and of explaining.”  Mark Turner, cognitive scientist, linguist, and author


Story of a young girl who is a little odd

Granny Spider

A Halloween poem for children

The Curious Case of the Black Cat

The odd case of a naughty cat

Darling Wee Fishy

About a young boy who can’t understand why his parents must share him.

Let’s build something together.

Do you have a project or image in mind? Would you like Seraphim to help you create your passion too?

Our Creative Team

Hello! We are BlueFalcon, a multifaceted team that is dedicated to creative arts. We provide design and illustration to individuals and small companies, alongside our team of creative writers, storytelling, and artists workshop facilitators..

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