Prefoming Poetry

Worcester 42 is a group who meet once a month to share stories of the gothic and poems of the unusual.

My Attempt.

Brewing Debate

Dear listener, do not shed any tears,

our nan has few fears.

Wartime child with sharp eyes, horror holds no surprise.

Just, never mess up her cup of tea!

take a lesson from me.

God bless the absentee.

“That’s not a teabag” Nanna snapped,

as my purchased PG Brand I unwrapped.

“It’s a pyramid bag for loser tea,

Look here and see.”  spoken proudly by me,

Showing off its 3-D efficiency.

“Robust and rich, not too milky.”

Added I quickly, guiltily.

“Sarah!” Nanna interjects, my excuse rejected

Her ridicule  “you are a silly fool.”

Nan’s face resembles a ghoul.

Deathly terror takes me, why did I not buy Tetley?

I look to Nanna naïvely, hoping someone will save me.

“P.P.P… PG tells no tales. Trading standards had the details,

 V = BXH/3 formula,  it is the optimal infusion, and that was their conclusion.”

Nanna scoffs “better tea perfusion, what a farcical delusion!”

It all gets a bit dark

“So, you believe that monkey on the TV knows more than me?” Nan remarks.

I bet swimming with a shark would be less deadly than our family monarch.

“You can drink swill in the cupboard under the stairs when nobody cares, with other naughty children.”

Silken prayers and the trillion tears did not spare me.

God bless this absentee.

Brewing debate copy

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