Spanish Flu Exhibition

George Marshall Medical Museum’s Touring Exhibition 2019


I was honoured to have the opportunity to illustrate  #Influenza100 #Spanishflu exhibition and workshops collection from the George Marshall Medical Museum.

In January 2019 the collection of research they have gathered will inform the themes and activities for public and school workshops. Funded by the British Society for the History of Science. The exhibition will be hosted at the George Marshall Medical Museum and then go on tour.  Thanks to Laura Mainwaring research and work with a booklet will be available for visitors to the exhibition, as well as future researchers.

I have absolutely enjoyed this project and collaborating with the curator at the GMMM, Louise Price.  Such an honour, Louise has given me a new understanding and insight into medical research. plus, amazing support and guidance throughout the commision.

“I am grateful to have received support from the British Society for the History of Science (BSHS), which has allowed me to carry out research about the 1918-19 influenza pandemic and bring local content to the upcoming touring exhibition at the GMMM. I uncovered the local response to the pandemic by delving into the collections held at the GMMM and the public archives held at the Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service at The Hive.” – Laura Mainwaring


Spanish Influenza

One hundred years ago, the 1918 influenza pandemic wreaked havoc across the globe, affecting the health of about one-fifth of the world’s population. It caused the deaths of approximately 50-100 million people worldwide; more than the estimated 16 million lives claimed by the First World War. The first wave of ‘flu appeared in the spring of 1918, followed by a more virulent second wave in the autumn, and a third wave in the spring of 1919. In total, it is estimated that the epidemic claimed around a quarter of a million lives in Britain. Approximately 1663 of these deaths were from the Worcestershire area. Whilst media attention and history books have focused on the victorious end to the War the tragedy of the Spanish ‘Flu has been wiped from our collective memory.

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