April’s Shower- Cover Art

Big “THANK YOU” to Peter Cooper who has trusted me with the cover art on his new book. Lots of new learning involved for me in getting my ‘warp’ skills up and going in the PS-2020.

Each card has been drawn separately and coloured before the scanning and computer took over. Had an excellent but brain melting task of a new font design. Of which I am very fond of now.

Worcestershire local author and founder of Kidderminster’s King of Hearts Creative Outreach group is back on the shelves soon with his second book in the April’s series. Lead character Ben April is back in charge of magic craft and skills class with new students and some returning faces. Up for a new challenge Ben takes on some volunteering as well, which leads to more adventure.

If you like light comedy with a heart felt message this is a story for you.

Crafty: From left, Tia Anderson, 6, Jamie Smith, 9, James Gill, 12, and Peter Cooper of Barrel of Fun. photo courtesy of Kidderminster Shuttle

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