The People of Fey Manor

Peter Cooper is back with the second instalment in his fantasy series. This time I was let loose on the cover art.

Final version Peter picked from the bunch:

I had a fantastic time with lots of new digital skills mixed in with my own illustration. Do take a browse in the galley at the bottom of the page and see which version you like the best.

In the second set of stories from Fey Manor, Michael is faced with a war between the vampires and the Sidhe, a group of mermaids needing to be rescued and a threat to the City of London. Somehow, his friends, the dragon, the Seelie Court and the Unseelie Court all seem to think he is up to the task.

filled to busting with magic and the supernatural this high fantasy is highly recommended

Extract: Balaur laughed, but only for a moment, because, it seemed to Michael, he did not want his anger to go away. “No, Michael, I didn’t know what was here… but I did hear a cry for help. A deep, dark cry for help from somewhere in or near this town, from a People who had no voice and could not properly articulate that cry. I knew something was here. And I suspected you would find it, because you are the Lord of Nieziemski Manor, and you will, in your life, find lost People who need you.”

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