The Story Knights Invade Hartlebury Castle

“Enjoy FREE ENTRY to Hartlebury Castle as you explore the Bishop’s Palace, Worcestershire County Museum and the Castle grounds. Bring a picnic and relax in the Carriage Circle, browse Hartlebury Castle stalls and discover the history of the Bishops and the County. Plus, join The Story Knights as they tell fascinating tales between 11am – 2.30pm.”


We took that as an invitation to raid the history of Harlebury Castle for some epic tales of battles, fires, lost diary’s secrets, royal visits and Romany Gypsy tale. Thank fully the weather was picnic prefect and the crowds enjoyed some war cried and fun facts. Children were challenged by the knights to complete a trick quiz and design the king of Ma-chia Island’s Coat of Arms.

Hartlebury Castle was the home of the Bishops of Worcester from 855 to 2007. Three of the bishops became saints, two were burned at the stake for their faith, one became the Pope who refused Henry the VIII his divorce and another was present at the execution of Mary Queen of Scots. They have amazing stories to tell and their history and that of Hartlebury Castle is inextricably linked with the history of the nation.

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